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    Force Perspective Photography

    Forced perspective can be made more believable when environmental conditions obscure the difference in perspective. For example, the final scene of the famous movie Casablanca takes place at an airport in the middle of a storm, although the entire scene was shot in a studio. This was accomplished by using a painted backdrop of an aircraft, which was “serviced” by dwarfs standing next to the backdrop. A downpour (created in-studio) draws much of the viewer’s […]

    romantic evening lights

    a bokeh photo effect of golden bridge in the evening. There are many colorful lights glittering combined with blueish water reflection and evening sky color makes everything look so warm and romantic. You can use this cover for valentine because it is also telling the visitor about “romance” and “warm” feeling even there is no heart shaped drawing or something like that. This Facebook cover is strong! a definitely romantic city view!

    Nice composition of flower

    a minimalist photo but strong one: a small yellow flower composed nicely on green grass. A perfect placement of the accent makes this Facebook cover background so unique and well artistic. You can put a nice quotes text there. the best text color is white with dropshadow. Have a try

    beautiful retro magnolia flower photo

    a cool magnolia flower with nice retro color for your unique facebook cover. there is a blurry area on the right side where you can put some saying or nice quotes to make it more eye catching. Happy designing!


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    Smile Is The Best Make Up

    Smile Is The Best Make Up jQuery(‘.nrelate_default’).removeClass(‘nrelate_default’);

    Want You For Valentine’s Day

    Want You For Valentine’s Day jQuery(‘.nrelate_default’).removeClass(‘nrelate_default’);

    Cute Baby Seal

    Cute Baby Seal jQuery(‘.nrelate_default’).removeClass(‘nrelate_default’);

    Haters Definition

    Haters Definition jQuery(‘.nrelate_default’).removeClass(‘nrelate_default’);

    Real Madrid 4 – 0 Celta Vigo Maçı Geniş Özeti

    Real Madrid Kral Kupası maçında Celta Vigo‘yu Cristiano Ronaldo‘nun attığı 3 golle galip geldi. Maçın son dakikalarına kadar 2-0’lık skorla üstünlüğünü götüren Real Madrid son 5 dakkada 2 gol daha attı ve maç bitmeden Morinho soyunma odasına gitti. [dailymotion]http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwmi8c_copa-del-rey-real-madrid-1-0-celta-vigo-08-01-13-ourmatch-net_sport#from=embediframe[/dailymotion]