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    Automatic cover upload featured added

    Hi all Freetimelinecovers.org lovers Today we add new fantastic featured to our site, click by mouse on “DOWNLOAD THIS TIMELINE COVER”  and cover will start upload automatic in your Facebook cover album. But not alone, after automatic cover upload they will show on your wall, so you can share it with all your friends. What you think about this new featured?

    Force Perspective Photography

    Forced perspective can be made more believable when environmental conditions obscure the difference in perspective. For example, the final scene of the famous movie Casablanca takes place at an airport in the middle of a storm, although the entire scene was shot in a studio. This was accomplished by using a painted backdrop of an aircraft, which was “serviced” by dwarfs standing next to the backdrop. A downpour (created in-studio) draws much of the viewer’s […]

    We Finally Started a Blog!

    Well, We’ve been up and running for quite a few months now and we finally decided that we should probably start a blog on the site. There are lots of facebook and timeline cover related topics that we’ll be covering here in the future, so subscribe to the RSS and keep coming back for new posts and timeline covers!