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    elementler ingilizce

    We’ve got 18 to choose from. From the beginning we’ve been asked, “Why only cover 18?” The rules for the first 18 elements are very straight-forward. (1) Electrons fit nicely into three shells. (2) These elements make up most of the matter in the universe. (3) It’s a lot easier to remember facts about 18 elements than over 100 elements.


    Element 1: Hydrogen
    Element 2: Helium
    Element 3: Lithium
    Element 4: Beryllium
    Element 5: Boron
    Element 6: Carbon
    Element 7: Nitrogen
    Element 8: Oxygen
    Element 9: Fluorine
    Element 10: Neon
    Element 11: Sodium
    Element 12: Magnesium
    Element 13: Aluminum
    Element 14: Silicon
    Element 15: Phosphorus
    Element 16: Sulfur
    Element 17: Chlorine
    Element 18: Argon

    MORE THAN 18?

    Yes, it’s true. After these many years, we have added elements 18-36 to our list of elements. You can learn about element origins, pronunciation, atomic structure, and locations. This next set of elements is from the fourth period/row of the table. Be aware… The easy rules don’t apply here. We tried to make things as simple as possible.

    Element 19: Potassium
    Element 20: Calcium
    Element 21: Scandium
    Element 22: Titanium
    Element 23: Vanadium
    Element 24: Chromium
    Element 25: Manganese
    Element 26: Iron
    Element 27: Cobalt
    Element 28: Nickel
    Element 29: Copper
    Element 30: Zinc
    Element 31: Gallium
    Element 32: Germanium
    Element 33: Arsenic
    Element 34: Selenium
    Element 35: Bromine
    Element 36: Krypton