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  • çılgın yeni moda ojeli tırnaklar

    çılgın yeni moda ojeli tırnaklar

    Naturally, true Nail Art deserves to be displayed in a classy Nail Art gallery, so that the very general public can appreciate it for what it really is. And here it is…

    Heavy Metal Nails. Girls, want to scare the man in your life? Ask for the “Psycho Style” next time you’re at the local nail salon. “Could Edward Scissorhands please come to reception?”. As you’ll see, it’s not just about the nails themselves, but what the hands wrap around to best showcase the art.

    Nails That Go Fast! Please note glamour grip on steering wheel. So, so luxurious.
    Nails For Lovers. I can’t work out whether these belong to a porn star, or a woman who is besotted with a silly man who ignores her affections. Regardless, the person who asks for this style has love on their minds and roses in their hands. Some hire sky writers, some express their love through nail art.

    Christmas Nails. Ho Ho Ho, it’s festive nail art at it’s finest. See folded iridescent chip pack used as prop for full nail pop effect.

    Happy Hour Nails. This silly season, don’t just pop open a bottle of bubbly, decorate your feckin nails! Complete with vines, grapes and strawberries as a decorative garnish. Hic!

    Fairytale Nails. For the evil stepmother within you – “Eat the apple. Eeeeeeeeeat the apple. What’s the matter, little girl? Cat got your tongue?” Request this manicure and meet your doom!
    Nails for Dog Lovers. A new way to walk the dog. This one has it all – watermelon, glitter, oranges, strawberries, flowers. The perfect way to accessorise any dog paw.

    Deep Sea Creature Nails . Perhaps the most dramatic transformation of them all, this nail makeover may haunt my dreams for the rest of my days. You’ll see it’s all in the detail. Forget the coral, that’s the easy part. Note the shells trailing up the arm, and the addded touch of a jelly fish on the right hand. There is even an open clam containing a pearl, which obviously adds value. If you look even closer, you might notice that these arms also belong to a man.
    One can only pray (with a glitter ball in palms), that nail art will gel it’s way into every girl’s heart, and onto her nails.