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    Tarkan idol of Turkish pop music

    Questions and answers

    * When you were a child what did you liked to play?
    Dance and sing was my childhood games. I also liked playing marble.

    * When you were a child which was you cartoon hero?
    Tom and Jerry, there was also a cartoon character called Marco that was cool.

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    * Do you remember your first love ? Her name and where did you meet her?
    Yes, I remember. The name I kept with me.. I was in Germany and I was 4 years old.

    * What did you want to be when you were a child?
    I wanted to work with nature and animals. Maybe to be a veterinary… But I understood later that my interest for music was bigger.

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    What was your dream in your youth?
    To sing, to sing my music for millions of my people.

    * Which was the most important moment in your private and professional life ?
    In my private life it was my return from Germany to Turkey. In my professional life
    was to bring to the international market music in Turkish.

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    * What makes you happier in your professional life?
    That people get to know me better and leave their first impression.

    * Do you know how to cook? Which is your favorite food?
    Yes, I know how to cook. I eat everything!

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    * Which is the favorite place when you go to Istanbul?
    I do not have place were I usually go. I like to drive my car thorough the Bosphorus.

    * What type of film do you like?
    Everything… cartoon, documentaries, dramas, comedies…

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    Which film and actors do you like most ?
    The film is “Mozart Amadeus”. The actors: Al Pacino, Antony Hopkins, Nicole Kidman, Brad Pitt, Sener Sen and Cem Yilmaz.

    Which international singers do you like most ?
    Steve Wonder, Sting, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Eminem, Norah Jones and Aretha

    Which is the color that you like most ?

    * Which was the last gift that you received and that you gave?
    I received flowers and I gave flowers.

    * Which was the last book that you read?
    The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom from Don Miguel Ruiz

    * Which was the last CD that you bought?

    * Mention artists that you admire.
    There are several names… Michael Jackson, Mozart and Asik Veysel.

    * Place where you suggest to spend vacations.
    A peaceful place, close to nature…

    * When entering home, what is the first thing that you do?
    If it is night I turn on the light.

    * What do you miss most when you are away from home ?

    * What are your hobbies?
    Music, drawing, movies, book, gymnastics, swimming, animals and meditation.

    * Are you afraid of something?
    Who isn’t?

    * Do you have any ritual before going on stage?

    * Are you jealous?

    * Which is the mark of cloth that you like most?
    I dress everything.

    * Which was the social event that disturbed you recently ?
    The war in Iraq.

    The questions & answer contained in this article were taken from the official site of Tarkan.

    Date: October 15th, 2003


    tarkan röportaj ingilizce