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    bahçe düzenleme resimleri


    Laburnum trees with golden blooms create lovely shade in this allée-style bowered garden.Cascading roses form a welcoming, shaded border to this bowered cottage garden.

    Richly colored and wonderfully fragrant, this bowered garden features a canopy of roses.

    Green and gorgeous, this bowered garden features shade trees, ferns and groundcover for a cool effect.

    This New England dooryard garden is a special style of front cottage garden. This one includes roses and lambs' ears.

    This front cottage garden uses containers to showcase verbena and boxwood, surrounded by hydrangeas.

    Mixing formal and informal, this front cottage garden maximizes its space with poppies, foxglove, lilies, and wisteria.

    A trimmed boxwood hedge borders the wild cottage garden within, featuring lobelia, peonies, and alchemilla.

    A square bed houses this wild garden, a type of cottage garden, with plum, green, and gold shrubs.

    Daylilies, hostas, and assorted perennials form a wild garden, which borders a stately walkway.

    Exuberant iris earn this wild garden, a type of cottage garden, its name.

    Bright black-eyed susans, flanked by rich reds and feathery purples, create an engaging array of color in this wild garden.

    This cottage garden combines plants of all types -- including edible varieties -- to create a kitchen garden.

    Cottage gardens make the most of small spaces, so this container herb garden is perfect, and complemented by nearby vines.

    A waterwheel adds motion and sound in this water garden idea