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    Ultra-heavy fighter Jalthi Class

    This is the ultra heavy Kilrath fighter Jalthi Class of the game Wing Commander I. This is a quite simple model of being built, it will please plenty the beginners. He is already climbed for the scale 1/200. The model 3D vein of the repository Wing Commander 3D there is plenty available time in the internet, (http://wcmdf.solsector.net/index.htm) but without updatings there is a long time. In the pictures the model presents small customizações, it was made a canopy of transparent acetate with frame in paper sulfite, the whole interior including seats and panels, the pipes of the cannons were made with tooth toothpicks, painted with acrylic paint and the landing gear was included. The files PDO open with Pepakura Viewer.

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    Jalthi is a ultra heavy fighter become projected to attack larger ships as cargo ships and battle cruisers. It is known by the pilots of the Terran Confederation as six shots because of his devastating armament of pipe composed six gigantic cannons of particles. In spite of many pilots to consider the Jalthi “roast beef”, for his low speed, maneuverability and gigantic size.

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    However military analysts consider him one of the most impressive pieces of the arsenal of the cats, projected as a great flying wing, he has two nuclear reactors coupled independent of the propulsion system to feed the six cannons, it carries enough fuel for long missions and it can carry interns and externally almost the whole type of intelligent armament of the arsenal kilrath besides conventional atmospheric weapons, since the characteristics of flight of Jalthi in atmospheres of oxygen are excellent.

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    Jalthi were active during the whole first half of the Kilrath War, mainly during the Vega campaign , one of their major aces was the nobleman Baktosh nar Kiranka a prominent one political that obtained 34 kills a Jalthi.

    This impressive apparel was removed of service after 2668 being still assets during the battle of the Earth, they were substituted progressively by fighters technologically superiors like Gratha and Hhriss.