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  • ingilizce deniz gezmisin hayati

    ingilizce deniz gezmisin hayati

    Deniz Gezmiş , (February 2nd 1947 with Ayas (Ankara) – May 6th 1972 with Ankara (Center penitentiary of Ankara). It was one of the founders of the bunch armed with extreme left THKO (Forces liberators of the Turkish people).

    Deniz Gezmiş was born the February 2nd 1947 with Ayas, a sub-prefecture of Ankara. Wire of a family of professors, he studied his years of primary education, and his years of college with Sivas then the college with Istanbul.

    It is during its years of college that he discovered the thoughts of left and partcipa to the demonstrations.

    In 1965, he was member of the Turkish Workers party ( Türkiye Işçi Partisi ) with Üsküdar. Deniz was stopped for the first time the August 31st 1966, at the time of a manfestation in favor of the civils servant of Çorum.

    Deniz entered to the University of right of Istanbul the November 7th 1966. Thereafter, the January 19th 1967, it was stopped at the time of the protest of the Turkish National federation of the students ( Türkiye Milli Talebe Federasyonu ) and was judged the following day with his/her two friends, to be slackened the day-even. During the Cypriot Meeting organized by the organizations coeds, it burned the flag of the the United States of America with Aşık İhsani, which was worth to him to be stopped and slackened thereafter. With Aşık İhsanı, which studied in same faculty in Istanbul, it founded the January 30th 1968 Organization of the student revolutionists in right ( Devrimci Hukuklular Örgütü ).

    The March 7th 1968, it was stopped to have protested against the speech of the Head of State Seyfi Öztürk with the faculty of science during the gathering of AIESEC, and having imprisoned until the May 2nd. He was judged the May 30th to have protested against the 6th American fleet present in Aegean Sea then discharged the September 20th.

    In October 1968, with his/her comrades: Cihan Alptekin, Mustafa İlker Gürkan, Mustafa Lütfi Kıyıcı, Cevat Ercişli, Mr. Mehdi Beşpınar, Selahattin Okur, Saim Kurul and Ömer Erim Süerkan, it created the Union of the revolutionary students ( Devrimci Öğrenci Birliği ). November 1st, the national organization of the young people of Turkey ( Türkiye Milli Gençlik Teşkilatı ), AÜTB, ODTÜÖB and DÖB began the demonstration Mustafa Kemal between Samsun and Ankara for the whole independence of Turkey. The November 28th 1968, it was stopped with his/her comrades to have expressed with the airport of Yeşilköy (Currently: Atatürk), against the arrival of Robert Commer, which was the ambassador of the the United States to Ankara. After this arrest, they were again obliged to slacken it. August 1st It was finally stopped in Sivas in its birthplace and hung by the Turkish authorities in 1971. At that time, Sivas was a place of confrontation between the popular revolts against the American capacity and the Turkish state.

    Songs and poems in honor with Deniz Gezmiş

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    * Edge Yücel Pond nostrum
    * Grup Yol – Denilzerin türküsü
    * Zülfü Livaneli – Sarkisla
    * Fevzi Kurtulus – Deniz’ E şikayet
    * Edip Akbayram – Ask olsun çoçuk sanatorium
    * Sevinç Hertalay – Ankara’ daN to bir haber VAr
    * Hüseyin Karakus – Adi deniz olmali
    * Grup Yorum – Deniz koydum adini


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