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  • muhammed alinin ingilizce hayatı

    muhammed alinin ingilizce hayatı

    Muhammad Ali’s Biography


    Born Cassius Clay in Louisville, Kentucky in 1942, Muhammad Ali won the Olympic gold medal in the light-heavyweight boxing division in Rome in 1960.

    In 1963 he joined the Nation of Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Ali.

    A year later Muhammad Ali beat Sonny Liston to become heavyweight champion. He then beat WBA titleholder, Ernie Terrell, to become undisputed champion.

    In 1967, Muhammad Ali claimed exemption from the army draft on religious grounds, but was convicted of violating the Selective Service Act, barred from boxing and stripped of his title.

    When Ali started fighting again he lost to Joe Frazier, but won the rematch and went on to fight George Foreman in the famous ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and become the undisputed champion again.

    In 1978 Muhammad Ali beat Leon Spinks and gained the title for the third time, but retired a year later.

    After his retirement he has suffered from Parkinson’s Disease, but made a surprise appearance at the Olympic torch-bearing ceremony in Atlanta, 1996.

    In 1991, Michael Mann made a film of Ali’s life starring Will Smith.

    In the course of his boxing days, Ali came out with some great quotes, usually in the run-up to a fight. Examples of Muhammad Ali quotes are: ‘I am the greatest’; ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’; ‘It’s just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up.’

    Muhammad Ali became famous for reciting poems which carried his predictions for his fights.

    In the Parkinson show the eponymous presenter interviewed Muhammad Ali and asked him if he had a prediction of what would happen in a rematch with Joe Frazier, Ali responded with this poem:

    “Ding! Ali comes out to meet Frazier
    But Frazier starts to retreat
    If Frazier goes back any further
    He’ll wind up in a ringside seat

    Ali swings to the left
    Ali swings to the right
    Look at the kid
    Carry the fight

    Frazier keeps backing
    But there’s not enough room
    It’s a matter of time
    Then Ali lowers the boom

    Now Ali lands to the right
    What a beautiful swing!
    And deposits Frazier
    Clean out of the ring

    Frazier’s still rising
    But the referee wears a frown
    For he can’t start counting
    Till Frazier comes down

    Now Frazier disappears from view
    The crowd is getting frantic
    But our radar stations have picked him up
    He’s somewhere over the Atlantic

    Who would have thought that
    When they came to the fight
    That they would have witnessed
    The launching of a coloured satellite!”