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    There are five divine guidelines that the Qur’an clearly presents to Muslims for building tolerance and understanding among differing religions.

    Everyone’s God-given human dignity must be respected, regardless of his or her faith, race, ethnic origin, gender, or social status (Qur’an 17:70). Because everyone is created by God Almighty, the Maker of all, humans must treat one another with full honor, respect, and loving-kindness.
    Islam teaches it is by Divine Will that God’s human creation follows different religions, or no religion at all — no religion is nevertheless a faith, or belief-system (10:99). But God Almighty is not pleased when some humans choose not to believe (39:7)
    The Qur’an states clearly that freedom of religion is a God-given right (2:256).
    The final judgment of all humanity lies in the hands of God, the One Almighty, their Creator, to whom we all ultimately return (22:68-69), (42:15).
    God loves justice and those who strive to practice it, especially toward people who are different from them in any way, including in matters of religious belief (5:8), (60:8).

    There isno facilitating or reciprocatingharmA muslim Eid postage stamp by master calligrapher Mohamed Zakariya has brought his work into probably millions of homes in the US. On it is a saying of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) which translates to: “There is no facilitating or reciprocating