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    antonio damasio nın ingilizce yazılmış hayatı

    Antonio Damasio

    Antonio R. Damasio, M.D. Ph.D is M.W. Van Allen Professor and Head of Neurology, University of Iowa . He completed his medical degree and doctorate at the University of Lisbon School in Portugal and was a research fellow at the Aphasia Research Center in Boston . He has won many honors and awards, including the Arnold Pfeffer Prize (2002), the Reenpaa Prize in Neuroscience (2000), and was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1997) and the Neurosciences Research Program (1997). His research interests include neurobiology of the mind, specifically the understanding of the neural systems that sub serve memory, language, emotion, and decision-making; his clinical interests focus on disorders of behavior and cognition, and movement disorders.