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    April 10th

    Dear Barbara,

    Thanks for your last letter.
    How are you? Two days ago, I went with my friend Nicole to Egypt. On Monday we visited the Sphinx. The mysterious building was erected by Chefren Pharaoh. I think, that the head is jus a portrait of this Pharaoh. This monument is twenty metres high and seventy – three metres long. It was really large! I’ve never seen something like this before. It has a king’s headgear and a great cobra on the forehead. There is also the Big Pyramid behind the Sphinx. Later we walked through the desert. Then I rode on a camel first time in my life. I the evening we went to our hotel. We have a garden with some palm trees and a swimming pool. Today Nicole saw a scorpion here. She was bitten by it! It was terrible. The doctor took care of her injury. Then she was given an injection and some pills to swallow. Today’s weather is hot and sunny. This afternoon we’ll visit some archaeological sites and the National Park.
    Well, it’s all what I want to tell you. I hope to see you again on Saturday.