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    Dear Asia!
    Sorry I haven?t been in touch for so long. That?s because of the adventure I had a while ago. At the beginning I thought the whole sorry would end appositively. But unfortunately it turned out good, furthermore kinda funny!
    I visited Bulgaria last holiday, where went with my good friend. At the beginning of the first day we were having great time, you know, much laziness, no work. Spending the whole day on the beach was really relaxing. Everything was going in the best way, apart from the upcoming evening?
    When it became much colder outside, we decided to buy something to eat. I left our bags in front of the hotel whereas my buddy ? Gosia asked our tutors to have a look at our luggage once in a while. Having ensured, they were safe, we finally went to the nearest shop.
    When we came back it seemed, nobody remembered about our property, in where we had our cosmetics and clothes! Members of the camp as well as tutors went to hotel, leaving our bags alone. Instantly, Gosia and I, run in front of the building. Gosia?s bag was in the right place while mine disappeared!
    My tutors were really ashamed about the fact they had forgotten about my luggage. So not only were they really helpful, but they also did their best to find the thief and my bag. Firstly I was really stressed and I thought it would spoil my (as I had thought) great holiday but fortunately both my property and thief were found next day!
    So that?s my funny story. And where were you on holidays? Did you have any adventures, maybe even some similar to mine? If yes, I hope it ended as well as mine did!