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  • arkadaşa ingilizce mektup

    arkadaşa ingilizce mektup

    arkadaşınız çok şişman ve siz ona nasıl zayıflayacağına dair öğüt veriyorsunuz..öğüt veren ingilizce mektup email

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your letter. It’s good to know how are you doing. It’s too bad that you’ve become ‘out of shape’ but I hope it will do you good as you will never make the same mistake, won’t you? However, I will help you (at least I’ll try to ).

    The short period of time in which you have to get fit again and your working hours make it a little bit difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle but I’m sure you’ll do your best to come back to form. If I were you, I’d try to go to bed as early as I can since your metabolism works well then. You can try taking some pills that speed up your metabolism. A short jogging round your settlement before sleep isn’t a bad idea too. What’s more if you can (if you have some time to spare) to jog also in the mornings – before you go to work. Or even better! Ride your bicycle to your office! As far as eating goes you shouldn’t eat too much carbohydrates. Consume more proteins than fat. Going to gym in your free time rather than watching telly wouldn’t do you any harm (but then you should ask a professional trainee for a piece of advice on how to exercise to look good and keep fit).

    I believe that if you keep to my advice you’ll look good in short time and will have no problems with going out on the beach to meet some new people. If you manage to write before you go on your holiday, please inform me about your progress. Have a nice holiday!