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    Polar Bear

    About Polar Bear
    The polar bear is the world”s largest bear. Females can weigh over 650 lbs, while males can weigh more than double that weight.
    Polar bears are great swimmers, they have been seen in open waters hundreds of miles from the land.
    Males are active year round, while females usually hibernate in ice dens during the winter. A female polar bear will give birth to their young inside of these ice dens, and then emerge in the spring.

    American Black Bear

    About American Black Bear

    These bears are often found in national parks, where they raid campsites for food. They have a keen sense of smell, and usually hunt at night.
    They are smaller and less dangerous than their brown bear cousins.
    Asiatic Black Bear

    About Asiatic Black Bear
    This bear has a broader face than the American black bear and a v-shaped patch of white fur on its chest. They are very good climbers and often climb up trees to catch insect or to reach fruit and honey.

    Grizzly Bear

    About Grizzly Bear
    The grizzly bear is one of the largest brown bears in the world. Other members of the brown bear family include the Alaskan brown bear, the American brown bear, and the brown bears of Europe and Asia.
    Grizzlies can stand more than 10 ft. high on their hind legs.
    These animals mainly live in forests, and will eat almost anything including fruit, deer, and fish, and have even been witnessed killing other bears.

    Sloth Bear

    About Sloth Bear
    The sloth bear has quite an unusual diet they fed on termites by, sucking them up like a vacuum. Sloths have very powerful feet and long claws.

    Spectacled Bear

    About Spectacled Bear
    The spectacled bear is the only bear found in South America. This bear”s fur is mostly black or brown with white spectacles. They are great climbers, and live in warm climates where they don”t need to hibernate.

    Sun Bear

    About Sun Bear
    The sun bear is one of the smallest and most intelligent bears in the world. They live in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, and feed on fruit and a variety of animals. Sun bears sleep during the day in nests they make out of leafy branches. The spend the nights foraging for food.