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  • bazı türk şair ve yazarların ingilizce hayatı

    bazı şair ve yazarların ingilizce hayatı

    Turkish writers and poets 2

    Halit Ziya Usakligilin (1865 – 1945) ingilizce hayatı

    He heads the list of most cultured and most productive members of the new writer’s school. He started to be recognized with his articles in the journal called “Nevruz”, which he started to publish in 1884. In 1886 he published the newspaper “Hizmet” (Service). He published his works such as “Sefile”, “Nedime” and “Bir Muhtiranin Son Yapraklari” in this paper. One of his greatest works “Mavi ve Siyah” (Blue and Black) was first published in the journal Servet-i Fünun in 1894. “Ask-i Memnu” (forbidden love) which he published next raised Halid Ziya to the highest ranks of the Turkish Literature. Following the serialization of his biography as Forty Years (“Kirk Yil”) in the newspaper Vakit, he wrote a novel where he tells the suicide of his son Vedat.

    The author, who calls himself “an eternal lover of Turkish“, was one of the most productive of the group of new writers, and he was the first to apply the Western technique to the Turkish novel.

    Halide Edip Adivarın(1884 – 1964)

    ingilizce hayatı

    The renown novelist who was one of the heroes of the national independence movement, has written stories which could penetrate to the depths of human soul and which could excite the reader.

    She has proven herself as an analytical novelist which could effectively bring to life exceptional female characters who are sometimes hurt when faced with the eternal power of love and passion situations which also push the stories forward, but who never bend. This is seen particularly in “Seviye Talib” published in 1909, “Raik’in Annesi” (1910) and “Handan” (1912). She has also proven with her novel “Son Eseri”, published in 1912 that she was a master of creating characters who are equipped with an unfailing love of art, and who posses an infinite source of excitement. She started publishing the paper Yeni Turan in the same year.

    Her most famous works are “Sinekli Bakkal”, “Vurun Kahpeye”, “Kalp Agrisi” and “Zeyno’nun Oglu”.

    Hamamizade Ismail Dede Efendinin

    ingilizce hayatı

    (1778 – 1846)

    One of the greatest Turkish composers. He has created masterpieces in all forms and modes of Turkish music. He has also developed the composite musical modes of “sultan yegah”, “neveser”, “saba buselik”, “hicaz buselik” and “Araban kürdi”. His greatest works are the seven Mevlevi pieces for Samah of Dervishes. More than 200 hundred of his compositions are available today.


    ingilizce hayatı

    (1606 – 1679)

    The strongest and most distinguished representative of Turkish folk literature. Karacaoglan is an Anatolian poet who has traveled a lot, who has observed a lot and who has lived through a lot. He was a lover of the beauties of this country and nature. He has numerous poems on love, composed in the forms of “kosma”, “türkü”, “mani”, “varsagi”, “ücleme”, “destan”, “güzelleme” and “kocaklama”. Karacoglan, who was kept alive for centuries by the people with his repeated folk poems, is today the major source of inspiration for young music groups, and his fame has reached Europe.

    Mehmed Akif Ersoyun

    ingilizce hayatı

    (1873 – 1936)

    A great Turkish – Islamic poet, he has also written the lyrics of our national anthem.

    Akif practically screams with his poetry where he displays a striking strong voice which kindles nationalistic feelings. The poem he wrote for those who died at Gallipoli, is the greatest of the legends of heroism. Akif who gave us the most effective examples of the art of poetry, has moved to Anatolia during the National Independence War, and was one of its participants.

    Despite the fact religious subjects are abundant in his poems, he cannot be considered as merely an Islamic poet. His lines, taking their theme from numerous problems faced by the society, has proven that his vision reached far beyond religion. His poems are collected in seven volumes under the title “Safahat”.

    Namik Kemalin

    ingilizce hayatı

    (1840 – 1888)

    Great national poet and famous Turkish Journalist lived during the Ottoman period. He was a poet full of feelings for his country and the nation. He had his most famous work “Vatan Yahut Silistre” staged at Gedikpasa Theatre in 1873. He produced his best work during prison life which lasted for 32 years.

    Some of his works titled “Rüya” (Dream), “Zavalli Cocuk” (Poor Kid), “Kerbela”, “Akif Bey”, “Gülnihal”, “Intibah” and “Emir Nevruz” were published with pseudonyms and others anonymously.