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    Interesting facts

    * Bee pollinating a flowerMost plants grow flowers each year, but some take much longer. The century plant or agave grows only one flower after many years and then it dies! Even more amazing is a rare plant called Puya raimondii from the Andes in South America; it doesn’t grow a flower until it is 150 years old – and after that it dies too.
    * The smallest flowering plant in the world is thought to be a floating duckweed called common watermeal. Its leaves are only 1mm across!
    * Bamboo plants have amazing flowering habits. There are many different sorts of bamboo, and they have different flowering cycles. A few flower each year, but most wait much longer. What is amazing is that all the bamboos of the same species will flower at exactly the same time, wherever they are growing! Nobody knows how they manage to do this.
    * The flowers on the European edelweiss are covered with a thick coat of hairs to protect them from the hot sun and the drying winds.
    * The flowers of the Caucasian lime, which can grow in Britain, are poisonous to bees. They can often be found on the ground underneath the trees.
    * Hummingbirds hover in front of flowers while they collect nectar. They use so much energy to do this that it would be like you needing to eat 150kg of hamburgers every day!
    * Hummingbirds use up lots of energy hovering in front of flowersThe white flower of the Amazon water lily is the size of a football and turns purple after it has been pollinated.