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    doğum günü davetiyesinin ingilizce sözleri,doğum günü davetiyesi ingilizce,olarak

    dear mehtap,
    how are you?i am writing to invite you to my birthday party on 5th june at 15:00 at my home.
    i hope you will be able to come.
    we are going to have a party and my mother is going to make a cake.
    my father is going to buy drinks.
    after i have blown out candles,my father is going to sing a song.
    we are going to dance.
    we are going to eat and drink and we are going to watch movie.
    i suppose you will come by bus.
    here are the directions from the bus stop.
    walk past the mosque and turn left into Bulgurlu street.
    walk to the end of the road.my home is opposite the museum.
    it is pink and tall building.
    i hope  you can find easily.
    write soon and let me know if you can come.
    lots of love 

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