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  • efsane ve destanların ingilizcesi

    efsane ve destanların ingilizcesi



    A dragon has appeared at the Mount Albat where its foot there is a Ortanca Fountain. By not letting any body to near this fountain, has remained everybody thirsty.

    Upon seeing the human being so desperate, the master of the city has take in his hand a double side very sharp sword has gone to kill this dragon. The master has held the sword with his two hands. The dragon, has been separated two parts from its mouth to tail.

    When the master has come back his palace, he has made the pool be filled with milk and jump into it. The milk in the pool has become cheese immediately because of the venom of the dragon. The master has continued its bath with milk until the milk not become cheese and got ridden of the venom of the dragon.


    Silvan Tevfik Dabakoğlu
    From his tailor father


    South west of the Diyarbakır, near Tigris River, there lay Kırklardağı. Behing this Kırklardağı there is Kırklar Ziyareti. Women who can not have baby come here and make wishes.

    A rich Syriac Christian family was happened to be not having baby. The woman has gone to the Kırklar Ziyareti and made a wish. She has have a baby. They have named the girls as Suzi (Suzan). Ever birth day her mother has decorate her and brought her to the Kırklar and sacrificed an animal.

    Suzan has grown with such reluctance and become a beautiful girl. With Adil, one of the Muslim neighbor’s son, has fell in love. Again a birthday celebration, her mother has sent Suzi with servants to to Kırklar Ziyaret for sacrificing an animal. Following them Adil has come quietly. Taken benefit of the servants trying sacrificing Suzi together with Adil has encircled back of the mountain and made love there. Kırlar Ziyareti didn’t approve this togetherness and Ziyaret has cursed Suzi. The girl at the Bridge With Ten Cells has drown and died. After the death of Suzi, Adil has lost his mind.


    Face of the Kırklardağı
    Grew dark at the plain
    I wish I would die
    Ziyaret has cursed us

    Under the bridge is very dark
    Mother, come and look for me
    My hair mixed with sand
    Bring comb and comb

    Middle cell of the bridge
    The flood has taken away the plain
    I wish I would die
    The Tigris River has separated us