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  • falcılık ile ilgili ingilizce bir yazı

    falcılık ile ilgili ingilizce bir yazı

    (bir falcı ile röportaj ..oldukça komik :)

    How long have you been working as a fortune-teller, and where did you learn?

    I’ve been doing it since 2000. At first I studied by myself, and then I also learned from a teacher.

    Why did you want to become a fortune-teller?

    A few years ago, one of my friends did a tarot card reading for me, and it was really accurate. I was a bit shocked. So, I got really interested in fortune-telling and began to study it. I didn’t think it would become my job, but it happened naturally.

    These days are you devoting more time to fortune-telling or music?

    These days, I think fortune telling, since it’s my job. But I would say music has been, is more like, my life work.

    What kinds of people usually come to get their fortunes told?

    Lots of women…

    Your name as a fortune-teller is Bianca, right?

    Actually, now it’s just Jon.

    What kind of music you like?


    Okay, like, what kind of music has influenced you?

    I really like Jad Fair.

    Cool. Have you ever seen him live?

    J: Yeah. Actually, I got to perform with him a couple of times, in Shibuya, and at the Star Pines Café in Kichijoji.

    What about Japanese bands and artists?

    I really love Ruins. I love kawatta mono, strange things.

    And other foreign music?

    Hmm… it’s really tough to say. I actually like film a lot more than music. Like David Lynch. I love film music, and images… I used to want to make movies, too, but I can’t. I tried to make one but I couldn’t finish it. But a lot of the time when I am making music, I’m thinking about images from movies.

    What David Lynch movies do you like?

    Twin Peaks , Mulholland Drive…

    What about other directors?

    Jim Jarmusch.

    Did you see Broken Flowers?

    Yeah, yeah! Bill Murray was so good! And the music was so good too. Oh, and I just remembered, but another musician I really like is Tom Waits, and he’s also been in Jim Jarmusch movies, too. Like, Coffee and Cigarettes…

    Oh, yeah. Iggy Pop and Tom Waits.

    Yeah, yeah… that was so good.

    I heard that you were in a movie once too.

    No, I’ve never been in a movie.

    You weren’t in Sumie no Mori?

    Oh, yeah! I forgot about that.

    What kind of movie was it?

    Hmm… I guess it was a zombie movie.

    Oh, really? And who did you play?

    A dead person.