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  • Hıdırellez nedir ve tarihi ingilizce

    Hıdırellez nedir ve tarihi ingilizce

    Hıdırellez or Hıdrellez (Turkish: Hıdrellez or Hıdırellez) (Azerbaijani language: Xıdır Ilyas  or Xıdır Nəbi) is celebrated as the day on which Prophets Hızır (Al-Khidr) and Ilyas (Elijah) met on the earth. Hıdırellez starts on May 5 night and falls on May 6 in the Gregorian calendar and April 23 in the Julian calendar. It is celebrated in Turkey  and throughout the Turkic world. It celebrates the arrival of spring and is a religious holiday for the Alevi as well.

    Hızır and Ilyas, the names of the two prophets, fused together, forming the name of the festival, Hıdırellez.

    There are various theories about the origin of Hızır and Hıdırellez. Various ceremonies and rituals were performed for various gods with the arrival of spring or summer in Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Iran and other Mediterranean countries from ancient times.

    One widespread belief suggests that Hızır has attained immortality by drinking the water of life. He often wanders on the earth, especially in the spring, and helps people in difficulty. People see him as a source of bounty and health, as the festival takes place in spring, the time of new life.