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    A Sports Survey???

    ♫What is ur fave sport?
    ♫Ur fave sportsperson(male or female)?
    ♫Ur fave sportsman?
    ♫Ur fave sportswoman?
    ♫Who do you think is the :
    a) Most likeable sports player?
    b)Most stylish sports player?
    c)Most funny sports player?
    ♫Your Most- Hated sportsman?
    ♫Your Most-Hated sportswoman?
    ♫Hottest /most good looking sportsman?
    ♫Hottest /most good looking sportswoman?
    ♫Your most memorable sports moment?
    ♫Your most memorable match or game ?
    ♫Your most memorable tournament?
    ♫Most memorable outfit.hairdo/accesories among players?
    ♫Best sports magazine?
    ♫Your Sportsperson of the year 2008?(On the basis of stellar perfomances, good behaviour,etc)
    ♫Most shocking sports moment/incident?
    ♫Your fave sports legend ?(currently not active on the tour)
    ♫Best Sports brand(Nike,Adidas,Reebok,etc)
    ♫Best Sports Ad (like the Adidas Impossible is Nothing ones featuring Lionel Messi , or the Nike ad featuring Ronaldinho,Nadal,Federer,Rooney,etc)
    ♫Favourite team
    give ur reasons2..

    Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

    2)Rio Ferdenand of England.
    3)Maria Sherapova.
    4)a) Sachin Tendulkar.
    b) David Beckham.
    c) Peter Crouch.

    5)Rooney……i exactly dont hate him but i hate his ”bad temper”.
    6) Sania Mirza.
    7) C. Rolando .
    8) Maria Sherapova.
    9) When India went to the cricket world cup finals but alas…lost the Aussies.
    10) Becham’s ”Spiky” hairstyle.
    11) Sportstar.
    12) Fabio Cannavaro for soccer.
    Federer for tennis.
    13) When australlia lost to Italy in the soccer world cup 2006 just because of a wrong desicion !!

    14) Pele.

    16) i like the Adidas add.
    17) Brazil .
    because they simply rock !!