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  • ingilizce anlatimli hayvan özellikleri

    ingilizce anlatimli hayvan özellikleri

    arkadaşlar inglizce olarak hayvanları anlatan bir site  buldum..anlatımı sade ve oldukça güzel..ben bazı hayvanların anlatımını buraya alcam..ama her hayvan türünün bir sürü çeşidi var..siz genede siteyi ziyaret edin..

    eger sitede aradığınız hayvanı bulamazsanız bana söyleyin ben size bulayım..çünkü ben ingilizce öğretmeniyim :)


    Vampire Bat

    About Vampire Bat (vampir yarasa)

    The vampire bat got its name because it feeds on fresh blood, mostly from horses and cows, but sometimes they feed on humans. When they feed the get close to their victims and use their wings as legs, then make an incision in the skin and suck up the blood. They are harmful to humans because they can spread rabies, which can be fatal.
    Polar Bear

    About Polar Bear
    The polar bear is the world”s largest bear. Females can weigh over 650 lbs, while males can weigh more than double that weight.
    Polar bears are great swimmers, they have been seen in open waters hundreds of miles from the land.
    Males are active year round, while females usually hibernate in ice dens during the winter. A female polar bear will give birth to their young inside of these ice dens, and then emerge in the spring.

    Guava Skipper

    About Guava Skipper
    The Guava Skipper is found through southern and central America. Its habitat is tropical forest. Its time of flight is daytime. As a caterpillar, it is red with yellow rings and becomes white with a yellow and brown head as it grows. As a butterfly, the Guava Skipper is black with a metallic green tint to its wings. There are 2 distinct reddish-orange spots on the front edge of the forewings, one on each side midway between the head and the tip of the wings. The body also has a few metallic green stripes from head to tail. The Guava Skipper has very angular wings with the forewings wider and becoming smaller towards the hindwings. This angular wing shape makes the Guava Skipper more distinctive from other similar species. The Guava Skipper feeds mainly on guava but also feeds on other related plants.


    About Guanaco
    The guanaco looks similar to the vicuna but is larger and has darker fur. it lives in the Andes Mountains and on South America”s grassy plains in family groups of up to 12 animals. It is a fast runner and a good swimmer. Females have one calf a year. Within hours of birth guanacos can run almost as fast as adults.


    About Cheetah
    The cheetah is the fastest land animal. It can reach speeds up to 60 mph (95km/h) in just four seconds. They have long slender bodies, long legs and flexible spines. Cheetahs mainly eat antelope and other grazing animals. They live on the grassland and semideserts of Africa.

    Gray Wolf

    About Gray Wolf
    The gray wolf is the largest member of the dog family. They live in packs that consist of a pair of adults with several generations of their young.