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    dear mehtap
    guess what?i am in hospital.i am in the acıbadem.i have been here since sunday.
    i have broken my leg but dont worry.i am okay.
    it happened on sunday morning outside the my home.i was in a hurry and ran some steps.
    there was 1 car on the way car was coming but i didnt see it.it crashed me.i fell down
    and broke my leg.
    i was lucky that feyzullah was with me.he took me to the hospital.i had an Xray and doctor said
    my leg was broken.now my leg is in plaster and i cant move my leg.doctors and nurses are very kind but food
    is terrible.docot said i can go my home at tomorrow.so i am happy.
    how are you?i hope you are well.can you send me long letter, or phone me when i get home.
    best wishes.