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  • ingilizce arkadaşa mektup

    present simple and present continuous kullanılarak tatilden arkadaşa mektup.
    ingilizce olarak tatilden arkadaşa mektup
    dear mehtap
    i am writing this letter from Egypt.i am staying in a five_star hotel by the Nile.now i am
    sitting on the balcony and i am drinking a glass of tea.yusuf is sleepin because he is tired.
    the weather is hot and sunny.we are spending most of the day visiting historical places.
    in the afternoon we are planning to visit pyramid.pyramids are very populer for everyone.
    tomorrow we are planning to take boat trip.
    egyptian people are cheerful and kind.they make me happy.i love egyptian people.
    i dont want to leave egypt.
    see you soon.