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  • ingilizce “aslan,kurt ve tilkinin” hikayesi

    ingilizce “aslan,kurt ve tilkinin” hikayesi



    Ones upon a time, a lion, wolf and a fox have become friend. Since they were hungry, they have gone for hunting. After hunting they catch one ox, one sheep and one rabbit. After gathering their game together, lion by turning thorough wolf:

    Make this distribution so we can have our shares said lion.

    Wolf has answered:

    The ox is already yours. The sheep is mine, and the rabbit is belonging to fox.

    The lion has become angry about it. By hitting it with its pawl, has rolled it to the abyss. This time turning to the fox has said:

    You make this distribution and let us see.

    Wise fox has answered immediately:

    Ox is your dinner, sheep is lunch, the rabbit breakfast.

    The lion has laugh happily and said fox that where he is learnt this idea?

    The fox has answered:

    From my friend who has been rolled to the abyss.