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  • ingilizce bilmece -bulmaca


    Looks like red, looks like purple
    Crouched sells broad-bean
    I asked for how much a 2.8 lb.
    Brightly look at my face

    I have seen an strange thing
    Every body knows its name
    Rub its head, kills itself

    I have a very long orchard (YEAR)

    Gives thirty oke of gripes (RAMADAN)

    If you eat its white it is forbidden by religion (FEAST)

    If you eat its black it is legitimate by religion (RAMADAN NIGTH)

    I have full sack of walnut, I can’t never finish counting (STAR)

    A tongue in the mouth, know if you wise (SHEPHERT’S PIPE)

    I was a mountain, I was a orchard
    I was a master with ornament at his head
    I have come to home got married
    And I have been tied


    Comes from mountain like a flavor
    Has arms like knot in timber
    Crouches and drink some water
    Yells like a goat

    Foreigner cultivates, language harvests

    Passes mountains without shadow (VOICE)

    Created by God very nice
    On a green branch
    Side is thin leaf
    Middle is gold leaf

    Get used to from its nail
    Being choked from its nose

    Two brother grown up together
    Their headgear and suits have been burnt
    Those beaten were they
    They have jump to the sea
    In fact their origin were water

    I a dark place
    Judges moan

    It is red but not an apple
    In layers but not a paste

    I have put a harness on a small donkey
    It has gone to the hill

    Half cake on the load

    I have a well and I have two kind of habits (EGG)

    Its cloth is red, its rob is green (CHERRY)

    An open window on the sky, an tin layered soucepan(MOON)

    Under pool, over rose (KEROSINE LAMP)

    Deep well, noisy water
    Buyer buys, one who drinks is die

    Fells over the bushes without any noise (SUN)

    Having two poles, thousand tiles (HEN)

    A tiny axle stone, moves every places (EYE)

    It is a puzzle, slipping on the hand (SOAP)

    I have a son, he has shirt in layers (ONION)

    I said het, I said met
    I said
    Go there and lay

    I have watched close it was like a stone
    When I neared it was a rice pudding

    Pomegranate pomegranate became pomegranate
    Pomegranate became brighten at the door
    Man has come to pomegranate
    Substitute pomegranate didn’t come down from door

    We were us altogether
    We were thirty-two girls
    An epidemic has come and we broken
    Order has arrived we have lined up

    It is yellow like saffron, be read like holy Koran
    Either you will know it or die tonight

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