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    Examples of Nasreddin Hodja



    During the Hodja was performing his judge duty, a man has come:

    He has said Hodja Master, ı will consult you something.

    Lets ask.

    Said Hodja, the man continued his speech:

    Lately, a cow, which the neighbors has told that it was belong to you, has killed our cow by hitting its belly. What I am supposed to do now?

    After concerning for a while the Hodja:

    It is an animal, he has said, you are not going to sue it, do you?

    Thank you judge.

    Its owner has no fault in this business, how can he know it will be turned out that way?

    The man has become happy, before starting talking again:

    Excuse me judge, I made a mistake a shot time ago, the cow, which died, is not mine, it was yours.

    Hodju by straightened up:

    Now look he has said. Now the matter is different now. Give me then the black covered book from the shelf and let me look at it.


    The superintendent, whose donkey is lost, was very angry:

    And has started yelling as quick find my animal, otherwise don’t blame me if things went very wrong for you!

    Every body has become frighten. The Akşehir citizens, scattered every direction to find the donkey, has met by chance to the Hodja:

    Please Hodja help us. If you happen to find a free donkey on the road for God’s sake catch it immediately.

    Whose donkey it is?


    Answered by them. The Hodja then: “ All right. I’ll look for it” answered and by singing a folk song, continued to walk.

    A villager appeared suddenly in front of him:

    When asked:

    My Hodja what are you doing like this singing?

    I am looking for the lost donkey of superintendent!

    Answered Hodja. The man has asked again:

    All right, is it a way for looking for a donkey Hodja?

    Of course, foreigner looks for the donkey of a foreigner like this. Even if the donkey has been looked for by force. In addition if the donkey is the superintendent’s donkey.


    One day when the Hodja was returning home from the mosque, mounted the donkey, with the people following him, stops suddenly, gets down from the donkey and as facing the people gets on the animal in reverse direction, i.e. mount on the saddle wrong. Seeing this, the people ask the reason. Hodja answers like that:

    After considering, I have decided to mount the donkey like this, because I don’t like lack of respect. If you go in front of me, you will be turned your back to me; it will be lack of respect. If I go in the front, I will be the one who turned his back to you, that it is not correct. When I mount like this in reverse direction, both I go in front and you will follow me, and we will be face to face.


    At a gathering of friends, they give a saz (musical instrument) into the hand of Hodja just for the sake of doing something:

    Come on, play something nice for us to listen!

    They has said. When Hodja has taken the saz into his hand, he has started moving the plectrum on the strings of the instrument haphazardly and so strange noises has started coming out of the instrument.

    They have said, oh Hodja is an instrument is played like this? It is required to move on the accord accordingly.

    The Hodja continuing playing making noises:

    They can’t find the pitch of note, they move for finding the notes, accord. Now I have found it. Why should I move for nothing?