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    ingilizce ödev “hafta sonu tatili”

    Hiking Prospect Mountain

    We started from Lake George village to hike for about 2 hours to reach the top.

    You can also drive up to the top when the tourist season opens in summer.
    It is a good and challenging hike.
    As soon as we passed the highway from Lake George , we stopped on the bridge to signal the busses to honk their horns for us. The container bus drivers will always do it and we jumped with joy like village kids.
    On this mountain top there used to be a hotel in hey days when rich Americans travel by train from New York to Lake George and the ram would pull them up to this mountain resort.
    There left only the plateau and base the hotel was built and the old rusted mechanical wheels of the tram.
    The view was fantastic.

    We have done this hike for three times now since we live here in NY upstate. It needs about half a day to hike this trail so we cannot do it frequently.