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    ingilizce olarak bir günü anlatma

    my day

    iam a secretary at large computer company.i wake up at 7.i have a shower.i put on quikly and
    leave my home at 7:45.then i drive a car and arrive at work at 8:30.i make a cup of coffee,
    then i sit down and read mails.i read letters and i respond them.i have break at 12:00.i go to the cafe.
    i drink tea and eat sandwich.i leave work at 5:00 and usually arrive home at 6:00pm.
    i have dinner at 7:30pm.then i watch tv.i go to bed at 12:00.
    in my free time,i like watching tv and i like going shoping.
    i like being a secretary.i am happy with my life at the moment.