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    One of the reasons the Internet is surely the greatest invention known to man is its ability to evolve and expand over time in order to meet the needs of its users. Just a couple of years ago, email was the pinnacle of communication, and how most of us chose to communicate online. But no longer.

    According to a new survey from Nielsen Online (PDF link), ‘Member Communities’ such as blogs and social networks are now more popular than email. While email may have started the revolution, it’s now been overthrown by young pretenders to its crown.

    We email was first accepted as a legitimate means of communication, everyone started using it. And to be fair, everyone still does, including the people behind the thousands of spam emails each of us receives every week. But it’s not what it once was, partly due to the levels of spam now present, and partly due to the fact there are other alternatives.

    The survey shows that in terms of global reach, ‘Member Communities’ are used regularly by 67 percent of people on the Web. This has increased from 61 percent just a year ago. This jump has seen it leapfrog email which has seen use dwindle from 65 percent to 63 in the same time frame.

    This is hardly surprising because social networks in particular have hit the mainstream over the past two years, and now cater to every conceivable group on the Internet. While email offers a two-way conversation, social networks offer ways of communicating with many people at once, and in the case of Twitter, in real-time.

    There are still three sectors ahead of ‘Member Communities’, those being ‘Software Manufacturers’, ‘Communities and Portals’, and ‘Search’. But ‘Member Communities’, which include sites which allow interaction such as blogs and the wealth of social networks now available, including MySpace and Facebook, are growing faster than every other sector.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if ‘Member Communities’ continue their rise in popularity until they come close to the ‘Search’ sector. While Google has been my homepage for many years, I use social networks to find and source articles and sites of interest on an increasingly regular basis these days. In the end, it could be that the two sectors merge into one uber-category that dominates the Web