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    Loud music in your iPod or at rock concert can make you deaf

    By Gareth Powell

    Researchers in New York have identified hearing loss may happen because your brain does not like the background noise. Loud music from your iPod with the volume turned up can, indeed, damage your hearing.

    They said the hearing problem, sometimes called the cocktail party problem, may lie in the brain’s circuitry for controlling the input from ears. That does not work so well as you get older and it research is beginning to show it may depend on the music you have been listening to as well as to your age.

    Scientists have long known that the brain not only receives signals from the ears, but can also talk back to them. And when there’s too much noise, this dimmer-switch brain circuitry tells the ears to reduce their flow of signals to the brain.

    Robert Frisina of the University of Rochester in New York and colleagues published evidence in 2002 that the dimmer switch effectiveness declines with age. The drop-off showed up in middle-aged people (ages 38 to 52) and was even worse in people past age 62.

    But another crucial element is not age, it is noisy environments (or, if you are a grumpy old man, rock concerts.)

    The problem lies within the inner ear, where sound is converted to nerve signals and accomplished by cells that use delicate hairs to detect sound waves. These hair cells can be damaged by aging and by long hours in loud environments like rock concerts. Loss of those cells makes it harder to understand speech in noisy rooms.

    Robert Frisina said, ‘I think it’s a significant player.’

    The American Family Physician which is peer-reviewed and therefore generally reliable, has this:
    A teenaged girl was seen for a school physical examination. Screening audiometry performed in the office revealed a 30-dB (mild) elevation of hearing thresholds at 4,000 Hz. A confirmatory audiogram taken by an audiologist showed a sensorineural loss in a ‘notch’ pattern at 4,000 Hz . In response to questioning, the girl reported spending several hours a day listening to music through headphones. The previous night, she had spent several hours at a rock concert without wearing hearing protection. Afterward, she noticed that her ears were ringing and ‘felt like there was cotton in them.’ Several days later, her hearing had returned to normal.
    To put figures to that: listening to loud headsets comes in at about 110 dB, while attending a rock concert is about 120 dB.

    And, if it happens to you, then you too will find hearing aids suck.


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