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  • Orlando Bloomun ingilizce hayatı

    Orlando Bloomun ingilizce hayatı

    Orlando Bloom

    Orlando Bloom
    Born: January 13, 1977
    Height: 5’11
    From: Canterbury, Kent, England

    Born: 13 January 1977
    Where: Canterbury, Kent, England
    Awards: No major awards
    Height: 5′ 11″

    Biography: The Complete List

    Orlando Bloom is an extraordinary success story. Has any actor ever been as famous or desired without ever headlining a major picture? And which other actor can boast a US box office average of well in excess of $100 million per movie, even if the calculation includes the films he’s made but not yet released? The man’s rise has been meteoric, to say the least. And, given the projects he has in the pipeline, it can only continue.

    Orlando was born in Canterbury, Kent on the 13th of January, 1977. His mother, Sonia, was a businesswoman and writer, who ran a language school for foreign students, while his father, Harry, was a Professor of Law at the University of Kent. In the eyes of millions, Harry was a hero. A South African, he had spent much of his life battling against apartheid. And he had not done this by penning a few outraged essays while cocooned in some academic safehouse. Harry had been out there on the frontline, working as a lawyer alongside the likes of Nelson Mandela. His first novel, Episode (later titled Transvaal Episode), published in 1956, had described an uprising in a township following the ANC’s campaign of defiance in 1952-3. The book had been banned by the authorities who believed it might stir up racial tension and endanger the state. Harry was now a marked man. His second novel, Whittaker’s Wife, was written while he was behind bars serving a 3-month sentence.