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  • suç (crime) ile ilgili ingilizce kompozisyon

    suç (crime) ile ilgili ingilizce kompozisyon

    Teaching your laptop to talk can prevent theft

    By Dave Parrack

    With thefts of laptops on the increase, there is clearly a market emerging for software designed to prevent the crime from taking place or helping the owner get their property back after the event. The latest innovation in this field is teaching your laptop to talk, preferably to shout, “Stop, thief!”

    Laptops are becoming increasingly popular in this day and age when people want flexibility in where they work and play. Who wants to be chained to a desk in order to use a computer? Especially when laptops are getting cheaper, smaller, and more powerful. Sales of laptops have now surpassed sales of desktops for the first time ever.

    There is, however, one downside to laptops: their adeptness at being stolen. As more people own laptops that they take everywhere with them, so thefts of the devices increases. It’s kind of like a criminal version of supply and demand.

    As The Guardian reports, there are already many options for people looking to protect or safeguard their laptop from being stolen or used after it’s taken. LoJack lets you remotely erase the hard drive; MacTrak can send images from the laptop, or even connect by Wi-Fi to provide positioning information; Orbicule Undercover can take a picture of the thief and send it back to you.

    But, according to The Times, Retriever, a new program developed by Front Door Software, takes the measures into a new realm. Users of the software, which retails for $29.95, can add a spoken message that’s designed to be set off when the laptop is reported stolen via the company’s Web site.

    The default audio warning is, “Help, this laptop is reported lost or stolen. If you are not my owner, please report me now.” But the sky is the limit, and you can be as nasty or manipulative as you desire. Your message of choice will be replayed every 30 seconds, making the thief’s life a misery unless they have the technical know-how to disable the program from running.

    This is a brilliant innovation that seems obvious now that someone has thought of it. Laptop theft is only likely to increase as the number of laptops in use also increases. I’m guessing this is merely the first of many innovations which will hit the market in order to make the lives of criminals harder.