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  • treasure island özet

    treasure island özet

    Book Name: Treasure Island

    Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

    Black Cat Publishing

    Main characters:

    DrLivesey: He is a doctor.

    Jim Hawkins: He is a boy and he tells the story of Treasure Island.

    Captain Billy Bones: He is an old pirate.

    Squire Trelawney: He is a rich gentleman

    Summary Of Treasure Island

    Jim Hawkins was a boy and he was living with his family. They had an inn by the sea. One day an old pirate called Billy Bones came to inn. He had a sea chest. He was hiding it from the other pirates. Soon Jim’s father died. Other pirates found Billy Bones and gave him black spot, it meaned “death”. Billy Bones was very frightened of death and when he received the message he died from heart attack because he was drinking rum a lot. After Billy Bones died Jim and his mother went to the village for help but people didn’t help them. They returned back and opened the captain’s chest. They took some Money and a packet of papers from the chest, then they escaped. Jim gave the packet of papers to Dr Livesey. Then the doctor opened the paper, it was a map of treasure island. They They decided to find the treasure. And doctor’s friend Squire Trelawney found a ship called “Hispaniola” and found some men. One of the man was Long John Silver. He had only one leg. The ship was ready and they began their voyage. Jim learned Long John Silver’s plans. Silver and his men wanted to find treasure then to kill Jim and the others. Jim said their plans to doctor and the others.

    They arrived the island and Jim met Ben Gunn. He was an old pirate. Jim’s friends and the pirates started fighting. Doctor gave the map of treasure to John Silver becuse Ben Gunn found the treasue and hid it another place and the map didn’t show where the treasure. They kidnapped Jim. When John Silver arrived to find the treasure, the treasure was’nt there. Suddenly doctor and squire killed the pirates and they moved the treasure to ship and they returned their home and they shared the treasure. They all became rich.