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    arda turan röportaj ingilizce

    Our golden boy Arda gave an interview with GSTV today in which he made some important points, including some that the younger CimBomlu’s should pay attention to.

    “It’s not easy to wear Galatasaray’s uniform. This goes for those who are given the chance to play, as well as those that sit aside for that match. We have such a team that we’re favorites for every match we play. The path ahead is not going to be easy, but if we’re concentrated on the task at hand, we’ll be leaders in only three weeks. That’s all the time we need”

    Arda is absolutely correct here. At this point, every lost point will be cause for disappointment as this team should be able to easily defeat any Turkish team. With only two points lost at home so far, we need to keep this impressive record at the Ali Sami Yen. What better way to say farewell to the hell that we’ve loved for so long.

    “Skibbe is a very compassionate and professional person. He tries not to disappoint his players and always tries to help them better themselves, he’s an amaziing person in this regard. These kind of managers are always productive to a team. If we have any problems both on and off of the field we can go and speak it to him face to face. I am very glad to work with Skibbe”

    “What I’m experiencing right now is what I have dreamed of since I was a child. I love my jersey very much. I was born into Galatasaray and this is what I grew up with. Can there be anything better than this? I hope and pray that I will always wear the Galatasaray jersey for the rest of my life, just like Bulent Korkmaz. But of course if Europe comes calling I will listen to their offers. There will be a right time for everything”.

    After the greedy rat went off for Aziz Baba’s money, there were rumors that Arda was the next target. But of course Arda out these rumors to death as soon as he heard them, claiming “May God never show me anything like that”. If Arda keeps playing the wonderful football he’s putting out week in and week out, he’ll get far. But he’ll always be a lion at heart. Well done Arda. You know that we love you very much.

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    Arda Turan says “Becoming a team is what matters ”

    Galatasaray’s successful football player Arda Turan spoke exclusively to Galatasaray TV in the Germany Camp.

    Arda Turan said that the achievement reached in the European Championship should be pursued by the club teams too and added that in Galatasaray they target the very top in both three lanes they will fight.

    Arda Turan firstly evaluated the European Championship and said: “Euro 2008 has been great for the Turkish people. We needed such a success as a country. We are very happy to have achieved this success and made our people happy. We carry its pride. Euro 2008 has been great personally too. I surely would love to play in the semi-finals too, but this is football. I was punished for card. Turkish National Team’s first semi-final in its history and I am one of the members of the team, I feel I have a hand in this achievemet, this makes me so proud. But the national team is in the past right now. We have to come back to Galatasaray, our team. We have to get psychologically ready because after such tournaments returning to the daily life is pretty hard.”