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  • arda turan röportajı ingilizce

    arda turan röportajı ingilizce

    reporter : hello Arda How are you ?
    arda : fine thanks and you ?
    reporter : me too..first of all , i want to thank you for your time.
    let’s start our interview..
    arda : ok
    reporter : when were you born ?
    arda : i was born on 30 .01.1987
    reporter : where were you born ?
    arda : i was born in istanbul
    reporter: do you have any nick name?
    arda : no.i dont have any nick name
    reporter :how many football teams have you played so far ?
    arda : i have played only two teams, vestel manisaspor and Galatasaray.
    reporter : are you happy here?
    arda : yes i am very happy .
    reporter: how many years have you been playing for national team?
    arda: i have been playing for 3 years.
    reporter : what do you think of being a football player in Turkey?
    arda : in Turkey,being a football player is very difficult.
    reporter : do you want to play in europe?
    arda : of course ,i want..
    reporter: well arda, this is the last question .but it is about your private life.do you think to get married soon?
    arda : no, i dont have any plan to get married soon.
    reporter: thank you arda for your time again..
    good luck in your life.


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