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    Who invented paper?

    The wood-derived paper still used today was developed in A.D. 105 by Chinese inventor Tsai Lun. He was the first to create a thin, flat sheet or tissue from mostly bark, hemp, and other fibrous materials such as rags. The elements of this ancient method are still used in paper mills. Chinese paper slowly made its way to the West, spreading first to Japan in A.D. 610 and then to Egypt around A.D. 900. Around A.D. 1100 paper was introduced in Spain by the Moors, a nomadic people originally from modern-day Mauritania who spread cultural influences in Europe.

    By the 1400s paper was being made throughout Europe, but it was not until the late 1700s that paper was being produced in long, continuous rolls. In 1798 a French paper mill clerk invented a machine that could make a continuous sheet of paper, of various sizes and shapes, from wood pulp. The machine was improved and patented by English paper makers…